Important Message from Hilary Schneider Regarding Yahoo!/Google Agreement

Written by Dominic Lee

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Things are not looking good for Yahoo

Got this email today:

Dear Advertiser,

We wanted to reach out to you directly regarding Google’s decision,
announced earlier today, to terminate the advertising services
agreement that the companies announced in June. Yahoo! continues to
believe in the benefits of the agreement, and is disappointed that
Google has elected to withdraw from the agreement rather than defend
it in court. Google notified Yahoo! of its refusal to move forward
with implementation of the agreement following indication from the
Department of Justice that it would seek to block it, despite Yahoo!’s
proposed revisions to address the DOJ’s and advertisers’ concerns.

While disappointed by this turn of events, we are writing to you to
reaffirm our commitment to working together to drive your advertising
results, and to provide the continued leadership you expect. The fact
is that this deal was incremental to Yahoo!’s product roadmap and does
not change Yahoo!’s commitment to innovation and growth in search.

As you know, Yahoo! has long focused on how to improve the user,
advertiser and publisher experience. We will continue to enable you to
easily connect with the consumers you most want to reach, by creating
a more open, efficient and effective marketplace for advertisers and
publishers. We also plan to continue to provide the cutting-edge
advances in products, platforms and services that the industry needs
and expects, by leading the way in helping advertisers navigate the
converging contextual and search ad markets. Finally, we remain
committed to innovation in anticipating the needs of Yahoo!’s
audiences–one of the largest and most engaged populations of
consumers on the web–by creating the unique context that delivers
results for brand advertisers online.

In short, even in the absence of a commercial agreement with Google,
we intend to become an ever-stronger player in online advertising. Our
certainty on this front comes from the progress we continue to make in
many areas, not the least of which are the significant innovations
we’re making in search. We continually optimize our algorithmic and
sponsored search. In fact, in 2008 alone, we have developed and
launched hundreds of improvements to our search engine, including
index expansions and updates, ranking models and performance tuning.
Each of these features is designed to improve search quality and
deliver a more relevant search experience to our users.

Particularly in this economic climate, identifying and making rich and
deep connections with your target audience is of the utmost
importance. No company is better prepared to help you succeed in that
quest than Yahoo!. In addition to being the largest aggregate
publisher in the U.S., we are #1 or #2 across virtually every key
category, including being #1 in the categories of News, Sports,
Finance and Entertainment, and we’re putting our leadership to work
for you every day.

By offering extensive reach to consumers, breakthrough advances in
technology, simplifying inefficiencies in the advertising process,
putting new and industry-recognized talent in place, and providing
tailored solutions across our network to meet your needs, we are well
prepared to provide you with the most significant return on your

We are looking forward to continuing to work with you in building your
business. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or anyone on our
team with your questions, or to discuss your challenges. We’re open to
a productive dialogue with you in the service of continuing our
successful work together.

Warmest Regards,

Hilary Schneider
Executive Vice President, Yahoo! U.S.

Yahoo’s stock will plummet tomorrw and Google’s will rise, mark my word. =)

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