Google Analytics Change & eBay Affiliate Policy Change

Written by Dominic Lee

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Change in Google Analytics

Google Analytics has just changed its outlook last week. I haven’t had much time to play around with the new version but it seems like the layout is much better and contain more information than before. The new version is still in Beta so you can still login to your old version. More on that later when I get around to checking what the difference are between the old and new version.

Change in eBay’s affiliate policy

Another big change on internet marketing last week has to do with the recent changes in the affiliate program - at which you can now send traffic to YOUR OWN auctions and store listings.

The old rules prevented this, but now eBay has has wised up! In an announcement released today they’ve made the rules friendlier and the payouts higher.

Under the old rules (which were insane) you could send traffic to any destination on eBay EXCEPT your auction listings or store. That made no sense so I won’t try to explain why they had that rule.

It now makes more sense than ever to send pay per click ppc traffic (such as Google Adwords, or Yahoo Search Marketing) to your own eBay listings.

Once you sign up for the eBay affiliate program you can send traffic to ANY ebay destination and…

- 40% to 65% commission on eBay Revenue generated from ALL purchases
- up to $35 in commission per new active user referral

I love the “flexible destination” feature of the eBay affiliate program. Even if a customer you send to eBay buys from a competitor of yours and you still get paid!

This just opens up a whole new door of making easy money online. Are you kidding? You can just go on eBay, find a product that has a high ASP (average selling price) and high sell through - because the eBay commission is more - source that product, sell it on eBay, and drive traffic to your listing using pay per click ppc while making extra commission off them! Can this get any easier?

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3 Responses to “Google Analytics Change & eBay Affiliate Policy Change”

  1. MIke Hurley

    I understood that PPC was now banned from direct to auction ads with affiliate code.

  2. dominicspam

    Mike, Adwords usually do not allow advertisers sending PPC traffic directly to a site with their affiliate link, but you can get around it by setting up an intermediate page such as a product review or a simple product listings (catalog format).

  3. Josh

    Unfortunately, eBay provides no way for conversion tracking because you cannot add javascript to any pages. Any good ideas on how to do this?

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