How To Get Your Limited Paypal Account Restored

Written by Dominic Lee

Topics: Ecommerce, Internet Marketing, Paypal, eBay

Two of my Paypal accounts recently get limited due to some disputes on the charges. After trying to resolve the problems and restore the account status, I received an email from Paypal which says:

Title: Limited Account Access Appeal Denied

Dear XXX

Every business must balance its exposure to risk with its business goals.
At this time, we are not comfortable with the amount of risk your business
exposes itself to.

We would like to begin the process of ending our relationship in a manner
that is least disruptive to your business.

Please log in to your PayPal account and fill out the Limited Account
Access form to let us know what to do with the funds remaining in your
PayPal account.

- Log in to your PayPal account
- Click “Contact Us” and then “Contact PayPal Customer Service”
- Choose the topic “Limited Account Access,” click “Continue,” and write
your instructions in the message box.

Disbursement Options

1. Your remaining account balance can be used to provide refunds to your
buyers (if applicable).

If you choose to provide refunds to your buyers, please provide a list of
transaction IDs for the buyers that you would like to refund.


2. Your remaining funds will be held in your PayPal account for 180 days
from the date your account was limited. After 180 days, you will be
notified via email about how to receive your remaining funds.

We thank you for your prompt attention to this matter and regret any
inconvenience this may cause.

PayPal Account Review Department

Now mind you that I did have a substantial amount of money in the Paypal account, so I was worrying that it would take 180 days to get my money back. And also, some part of my business relies heavily on using Paypal to receive payments.

Instead of panicking too much, I called Paypal and politely asked what the reason was (because it wasn’t said in the email), and they told me that it is because of some recent disputes and chargebacks. They then told me if I want to get my account restored, I should email and and tell them why I should have my account restored and how I would change to eliminate previous problems.

I did exactly that and in about 1 week, I got another email saying that my Paypal account is restored.

The moral of this story is, before you give up, try contact the people in charge, ask them what happened and try to resolve the problems. Hope this will help.

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One Response to “How To Get Your Limited Paypal Account Restored”

  1. Richard S. Vipond

    I havent used my paypal account on ebay for quite some time . I tried to enter into my account and im being told it is locked? I am buying something wich requires a paypal account.I have a new bank account # I need to apply to my account. Please advise Thankyou for your help in this matter. Rick

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