Its Morning, Now What?

Written by Dominic Lee

Topics: General Business, Lifestyle Design

In my last post, I wrote that God is right… that Sunday is best taken as a day off. Well, I don’t know exactly who to give credit to on this one, but I’ve discovered something else about taking time off. Namely, that you should take some each morning. What do I mean?

Well, I think most people start work by launching right into the task that feels the biggest or the most-pressing. This might be effective in getting that task done, but once it is, what next? Do you have a plan for the rest of the day? An ordered list of what you’d like to get done? A list of what you’d like to avoid? Well, probably not. After the first task is done, you probably feel unclear about exactly what to do next, and in what order. You probably struggle from a lack of direction, and spend a lot of frustrating time each day figuring out what to do instead of actually doing it.

We all know that feeling, and taking some time ‘off’ each morning to gather yourself and plan your day can prevent it. Try it in one of the next few mornings - even if you really want to get started on your work, try taking a short amount of time (even 5-10 minutes) to think about the day. Make goals of the few things you’d really like to do, prioritize them, and put them in an order you’ll do them in. Be sure to be realistic – make sure you really can get all that done. Then, make goals of a few things you don’t want to do – all the things that can distract you from completing the goals, and that you don’t want to spend time on (email or twitter, for example).

Then, once you have both lists (and a clear head), you can start. Once you do, you will be more focused, more productive, and you’ll get more done (in less time). Your day-long productivity will more than make up for any time you ‘lost’ in the morning. And better than that even, a more-focused and more-productive day will eliminate those feelings of failure and frustration (inherent in the ‘busy morning’ scenario). Instead, after some morning planning time and a more-productive day, you’ll feel successful and content.

Your business will be happy, and you’ll be happy. All for 5-10 minutes in the morning. Seems like a good trade to me!

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