Morning Check-Up

Written by Dominic Lee

Topics: General Business, Lifestyle Design

Want to save some time? Try back flipping into your jeans!

In my last post, I talked about taking some time each morning to gather yourself before the day (and to plan it out). I stick by what I said – about how it helps to make a to-do list (and a not-to-do list). But those work best when you have too much energy, and too much motivation. What if you’re struggling with either of these? What if you have trouble getting going, or you have trouble figuring out what to get going on?

Well then, I have some more morning advice for you. Start the day by cruising the Internet, and by cruising the blogosphere. Check up on what other people are talking about, and what other people are doing. See what’s new in your field, and see what’s new in the world.

Taking some of this time will give you a big jumpstart (and a big advantage) going into the day. It’ll educate you - let you know what your friends, colleagues, and competitors are doing. It’ll let you know what’s happening in your field, and what interesting things are happening outside it. Most of all though, it gives you energy and motivation. Reading about other people’s ideas can give you ideas of your own. Reading that people are out there, doing exciting new stuff can give you some motivation to do the same. And finally, there’s nothing like reading about what your competitors are doing to get going yourself! Taking the Internet check-up time in the morning, especially when you’re having trouble getting started, launches you into your day. It gives you the spark to start (after you’ve made your lists of course), and gives you the spark to do good work once you have.

So again:

1. If you haven’t already, construct a blogroll or link list

2. Either on a schedule (every other day for example) or just when you feel like you need it, check-up on your list.

3. Then, once you have, use your newfound energy and motivation to get to work.

And that third point is important. Looking at a blogroll or a link list is a method to get you started, and to get your workday started right. However, the workday (not the Internet-surfing) is the main priority here. So don’t get caught up in the web… get to work as soon as the time serves its’ purpose, and as soon as you can do so successfully.

Do that, and you’ll be better at your job. You’ll have a better idea of what you have to do, and you’ll have more energy to do it. It’s win-win.

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