“Thunder” To Web 2.0

Written by Dominic Lee

Topics: General Business, Internet Marketing, Web 2.0

If you don’t know who Gary Vaynerchuck is, he should really check him out. He’s the frantic voice (and face) behind the wildly popular video-blog wine Library TV, where he reviews both expensive and inexpensive wines with a flair only he can bring (he calls it bringing the ‘thunder’). More than a great vlog host though, he’s also one of the new-media leaders… someone who has embraced new technologies and new opportunities to be very, very successful (both in terms of recognition and in terms of money). His ecommerce operatio grossed $50 million in 2007.

Though Gary makes most of his hay online, he recently crossed over into more-traditional media, and wrote a book about wine (building on his Wine Library TV brand). As it does these days, this meant Gary made the rounds on all the talk shows to promote the book. He tasted wines with Conan O’Brien and Ellen DeGeneres, and talked alcohol stocks with Kramer on Mad Money. And really, besides the entertainment value of seeing Gary’s style mix with these heavyweights, it was an interesting time to take a look at entrepreneurship, new tech, and the value of new media.

I mean, this would be inconceivable 10, 20, or 30 years ago. Back then there were only a handful of television stations, and a handful of websites. The TV shows that existed and the websites that existed were very limited in what they could do, and there certainly wasn’t much interaction within them. The money that existed in the TV mainstream stayed there, and the money in the tech scene stayed there (though there was still less).

Now, it’s a completely different story. People like Gary are getting television-like audiences online, and after awhile, are even making the jump onto TV. Gary got to where he is by producing high-quality video online (a relatively new concept), and by leveraging it on places like facebook and twitter (where he has thousands of followers). He’s taking it to another level with the book and the TV appearances, but really, that’s how it started. He was all about new tech, and new media. Eventually, he became about all media.

And more than it is entertaining to see, Gary’s path serves as a good inspiration. A good reminder how powerful new media has become, and how we can each leverage it to be more successful (whatever that means to each of us). We’re in a new age where new media and old media are coming together, and us on the Internet are in the middle of it. If you ask me (and if you look at Gary), I’d say that’s a good place to be.

Are you using the social media and web 2.0 to it’s potential?

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