Internet Retailer Conference 2008 Day 2

Written by Dominic Lee

Topics: Ecommerce, Internet Marketing, Retailing, Traveling, Yahoo Store

Day 2 of the conference consists of day long of seminars

Day 2:

We started off day 2 with the keynote presentation from Mike Boylson, the CMO of JC Penney, nothing special, some pretty corporate branding stuff and no one knows if its even useful. It sounded great and all, and the ad looks kind of cool, but its not like something that you would remember.

What impressed me a little more was the following presentation given by Christian Friedland - the founder of Home Improvement Direct. He went into good details on how his company used video as a source to aiding customer support by creating videos which pretty much lays out the FAQ’s section in an easily understood manner . This is unheard of, because most marketers consider video as a marketing vehicle solely.

After the presentations was lunch break, at which we were served again with horrible food such as chicken that tasted like rubber. One interesting thing though was that I met another guy from Hong Kong, whos in the game card trading business - I found out from him that there’re merchant services in Hong Kong which allows us to use a Hong Kong bank account to take US credit cards at a relatively low rate - certainly something I’ll look into in the next couple months. Another person I met at lunch is Cliff Hsia, the product evangelist of and also the Chief Editor of Alibaba’s official blog - The Aliblog. He invited me to couple of Alibaba’s event the week after and I’ll blog about them later on.

Then the day went on with more presentations. Some were interesting, some were not. One presentation that caught my attention was the one how a Hotel was able to use Virtual Online Game “Second Life” to establish their brand awareness of conference rental space. Certainly interesting.

After a long day of seminars, I attended the Yahoo Store Forum gathering at MX lounge in Grand Hyatt to meet some of the fellow Yahoo store owners and members of the Yahoo Store Forum. It was fun meeting a lot of these guys and gals (or men and women) after talking for so much on forums. Had a blast mingling with Don the Wizard (hahaha), Dan Theirl from Exclusive Concepts, Nate from Shipwire, Shirley Tan from American Bridal, Alan from HTMarket, Jared, and many more!

After hanging for about two hours in the forum gathering, couple of us headed to the Official Conference Networking Party at Excalibar - a night club in Chicago. Had a little bit too much to drink so I don’t remember a whole lot of it. But I do remember meeting Stephen Voudouris from (a very impressive guy, younger than I am but whose company is already in the INC 500 this year) and was apparently equally as wasted as I was, haha.

This sums up day 2 of the conference and I’ll post about day 3 of it soon.

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