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July 2nd, 2012

Recover From Google Penguin Update: How to Remove Link Spam

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Written by Dominic Lee

Topics: Ecommerce, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

A lot of website owners have been hit (quite hardly) from the recent Google Penguin update, one of the site which we previously own went from top of Google for a very competitive keyword to no where to be found. (scary… huh?)

For those suffering under Penguin’s iron wing, here’s a plan of action for you to identify and remedy the causes of penalties and devaluations:

1. How do I know if I were really hit by Penguin?

Penguin went live on April 24th 2012, review your site’s search traffic immediately after that day - if your search traffic dropped, you are probably hit by Penguin =S

2. Find out which sites are linking to you!

Use Google Webmaster Tools backlink report to identify the sites that are linking to you, use the export function and export it as an excel spreadsheet.

3. Investigate which sites linking to you are of “low quality”:

Go down the list of backlinks to find the poor quality ones. Usually if I see links coming from spam blogs or directories, I’d mark it as “to remove” on the spreadsheet

4. Send requests to get your links removed

Create a template email requesting link removal that you’ll send to the webmasters in charge of the links identified as low quality. The template should candidly explain that you are a site owner trying to recover from Google penguin update and ask if they can please remove the following links. List the URLs where the links can be found, the URL on your site they point to, and the anchor text ─ all the info needed to easily find the link you’re requesting removed.

Sometimes you may be able to find the contact info on the site, but in case where the contact info is not available, you may need to do a whois search, in order to get the names and email addresses.

5. Wait to hear back from webmasters

After you’re done, you can expect to receive four types of responses to your requests:
● Remove link and tell you.
● Remove link and not tell you.
● Not reply or do anything.
● Will remove the link if you pay them.

In the case of the first, verify by going to the page where the link was and if the link was removed, then check it off your list. If you haven’t gotten any response back from a contact in 2 weeks, check to see if the link has been removed. It may or may not. If it’s been removed, again remove it from the list. If it hasn’t been removed, send a follow-up request. Depending on the sites linking to you and your luck, you may have to follow up several times. If you run across a webmaster requesting payment for link removal, you can threaten them that you’re going to report it to Google.

Throughout this process you must keep detailed records of your actions. A spreadsheet with columns for the linking URL, the contact name, the contact email, the date a request was sent, and responses or actions taken by the linking site.

If you went through this process, now its time to get your fingers crossed, let’s hope you get some love back from the Big G!

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February 16th, 2012

PLC programming, tutorial, training, hints and tips

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Written by Dominic Lee

Topics: Business Opportunities, Ecommerce, General Business, Resources, Web 2.0

A lot of our customers are engineers or designers who are constantly seeking for more information on PLC programming. Therefore we setup a squidoo page with useful resources and information to help them access those information in one stop. Enjoy!

PLC programming resources

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January 4th, 2012

How To Adjust A Popcorn Machine Thermostat

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Written by Dominic Lee

Topics: Ecommerce, General Business, eBay

This is a question somehow being asked by many avid home theater fans, and this video provides a great way of doing that, especially for Benchmark USA branded poppers (but similar principle can be applied in other popcorn machine brands too). Check it out!

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April 20th, 2009

Be Creative About Monetization

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Written by Dominic Lee

Topics: Business Opportunities, Ecommerce, General Business, Internet Marketing, Retailing, Yahoo Store

“Guru’s Guru” Rich Schefren at one of his seminars

So I listened to a webminar by Russell Brunson and Rich Schefren the other day about ways to monetize an online business. While some may not apply to ecommerce, I jotted down those that do, and I’ll post it here to share.

Some of these ideas I don’t know Continue Reading »

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February 11th, 2009

Business Resolutions 2009

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Written by Dominic Lee

Topics: Business Opportunities, Ecommerce, General Business

2008 has been an eventful year for our business. We have grown our sales revenue by over 100% and have acheived our goal in growing sales and providing better customer support through the implementation of Continue Reading »

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September 8th, 2008

Site Sold To Former Fortune 100 Executive Nick Themelis

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Written by Dominic Lee

Topics: Business Opportunities, Ecommerce, General Business, Retailing, Startup Business

I’m glad to announce here that Guillen Global has sold one of our ecommerce site to the former CIO of Lehman Brothers Asia and Barclays Capital Americas Nick Themelis. This is to consolidate our ecommerce portfolio, and we’ll thereafter focus more on our concession equipment and pet supplies business.

Here is the official press release

To our customers, thanks for your continual support this couple years, we had a great run and hope you guys enjoy the site under the new management!

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September 4th, 2008

Google Chrome Launched And My Review!!

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Written by Dominic Lee

Topics: Ecommerce, Google, Internet Marketing

Check out this video by Google on Youtube to find out this new browser by Google.

You can download it at

Couple noticeable differences between Chrome and other browsers:
- Integration of the search box with the address bar
- Ability to drag and drop tabs (amazing)
- Automatic detection of in site search engine
- Seperation of browser application with desktop application, so one’s crash would not affect the other

I’ve downloaded it and started using it, it is, as advertised, very fast and stable. The only setback I have so far is that it doesn’t work with Roboform (which I cannot live without) yet.

Anyway, go download it and check it out for yourself.

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July 22nd, 2008

Internet Retailer Conference 2008 Day 2

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Written by Dominic Lee

Topics: Ecommerce, Internet Marketing, Retailing, Traveling, Yahoo Store

Day 2 of the conference consists of day long of seminars

Day 2:

We started off day 2 with the keynote presentation from Mike Boylson, the CMO of JC Penney, nothing special, some pretty corporate branding stuff and no one knows if its even useful. It sounded great and all, and the ad looks kind of cool, Continue Reading »

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July 1st, 2008

Internet Retailer Conference 2008 in Chicago Day 1

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Written by Dominic Lee

Topics: Ecommerce, Internet Marketing, Traveling, Yahoo Store

Keynote Presentation By Mike Boylson, CMO of J.C. Penney Co. Inc.

Day 1:

We kicked off Day 1 of the Internet Retailer Conference 2008 with registration (registration was a breeze, well done!) and a continental breakfast where we networked with fellow ecommerce entrepreneurs, vendors, and speakers. The food was ok… (horrible), Continue Reading »

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January 8th, 2008

Do YOU Have Business Resolutions For 2008?

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Written by Dominic Lee

Topics: Business Opportunities, Ecommerce, General Business, Internet Marketing

If not, you should.

New year is a great time for busy entrepreneurs like us to really sit down, think about what we did this past year with our business, set goals for the new year, and create a roadmap to get there.

In 2008, our company main objective is to create a better customer experience, by adding a full time phone support staff and toll-free support no. on all our websites. We’ll also refine our refund and shipping policies to give our customer stronger protection and more flexibility in returning products to us.

We’re launching two ecommerce sites ( and in late January, and may look into 1-2 more towards June. Our target this year Continue Reading »

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