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February 3rd, 2008

Microsoft Acquiring Yahoo? What this means to YOU and ME.

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Written by Dominic Lee

Topics: Business Opportunities, General Business, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo

Unless you have been hiding in a cave, you should know that Microsoft is trying to acquire Yahoo and all the dramas that went along with it (i.e. Yahoo declining the offer and Mircosoft turn “hostile”, Yahoo looking for deals from private equities and other media companies like News Corp., Google bringing up the whole anti-trust thing again in revenge for when Microsoft protested against Google’s acquistion of Double Click…)

Since opinions, speculations, & suggestions are ALL OVER the internet and paper about this ordeal, I thought I would chim in and give my 2 cents.

Is this a surpise?

Hardly, it has been widely speculated that Microsoft is looking to acquire Yahoo since 4th Quarter last year. In fact, in Merrill Lynch’s “Top 10 Internet Themes for 1H’08″ report, it has been mentioned and speculated. Seriously, for Microsoft to even stand a chance Continue Reading »

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